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Welcome to
La Fabrique Academy 

After spending 8 years as a professional soccer player in New York City, Maxime
chanot is now devoted to developing
the next generation of this city's
soccer players
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our founder - Maxime Chanot

Our goal at La Fabrique is to offer the additional training that players need to reach the highest level.

Embracing European Excellence:

At La Fabrique Academy, we're proud to bring the esteemed European soccer methodologies to NYC. Our training programs are designed based on the proven techniques and strategies that have produced some of the world's most skilled players. We focus on technical skills, tactical understanding, and the physical aspects of the game, ensuring a well-rounded development for each player.

Tailored for New York City:

While we root our teachings in European methods, our approach is uniquely adapted to the vibrant and diverse spirit of New York City. We understand that soccer here is more than a game—it's a melting pot of cultures, styles, and talents. Our programs are tailored to harness this diversity, fostering an environment where players from all backgrounds can thrive and express their individuality on the field.

Developing More Than Players:

At La Fabrique Academy, we believe in developing not just exceptional soccer players, but well-rounded individuals. Our focus extends beyond the pitch, emphasizing values like teamwork, respect, discipline, and a strong work ethic. These principles guide our players in soccer and life, preparing them for success wherever their paths may lead.

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Join us at La Fabrique Academy, where your soccer journey is nurtured and your skills are honed all under the direction of seasoned European professional soccer player Maxime Chanot.
"I just want to give back to soccer what soccer gave to me."

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